Bridging Traditional Finance with DeFi through Real World Assets (RWA) with Astra’s Innovative Solutions

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3 min readAug 22, 2023

In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance (DeFi), Real World Assets (RWA) are making significant headway, having jumped from the 13th to the 10th largest sector in a mere two months. Analysts are already forecasting that RWA will crack the top 6 sectors in DeFi within the next year. This ascendancy is pivotal in bridging the gap between centralized finance (CeFi) and DeFi. And in the middle of this exciting convergence stands Astra, revolutionizing the way we think about compliance and security in the DeFi domain.

Understanding the Real-World Impact of RWA

RWAs encompass both tangible and intangible assets from the physical world, ranging from commodities and real estate to bonds, trade finance, and even collectibles. For DeFi enthusiasts, this means accessing yields from genuine world enterprises. Meanwhile, for CeFi entities, this offers an avenue to increase liquidity and boost transparency in their operations.

Astra: A Catalyst in the RWA Landscape

Astra is not just another name in the DeFi world. With its patented decentralized compliance technology, it is actively shaping the RWA sector. Here’s how:

AI-Powered Compliance: Astra ensures each transaction within the RWA sector adheres to global regulatory standards, minimizing legal risks and enhancing trustworthiness.

Advanced Security Protocols: Recognizing the vulnerabilities of the DeFi space, Astra’s robust AI screening detects potential threats, ensuring the integrity of every RWA transaction.

User Empowerment: Astra champions transparency, offering tools that provide users with unparalleled control and insight into their investments. With Astra, data privacy isn’t an afterthought but a guarantee.

Progression of the RWA Sector

The past months have seen the RWA domain expand at a phenomenal rate. For instance, RWA token holders on the Ethereum chain have doubled in just a year. Such growth isn’t accidental; it’s driven by traditional firms leveraging blockchain tech to enhance their services’ accessibility.

Three Sub-Areas of RWA Worth Watching

US Treasuries: A hotbed of opportunity as the risk-free rate of return now overshadows the average lending rate on top DeFi platforms.

Private Credit: High-yield potential awaits those investing in private credit loans directed at real-world businesses.

Real Estate: Caution is crucial here due to inherent regulatory risks, especially for international real estate ventures.

Astra’s Solutions in the World of RWA

Astra, with its decentralized compliance technology, positions itself as a pivotal player in the RWA space. As the potential market for tokenized assets is predicted to reach a staggering $16 trillion by 2030, Astra’s solutions can offer:

Principal Protection: Ensuring that primary investments are safeguarded against potential risks in the DeFi landscape.

Yield Maximization: Harnessing the best possible returns from RWAs, ensuring profitable ventures for investors.

Convenience: Simplifying the process of integrating RWAs into DeFi, making it seamless and user-friendly.

Embracing RWAs with Astra means unlocking a future where DeFi isn’t just a niche but a norm. Join us in steering this financial renaissance.

Astra is a leading protocol to bring safety and trust to the crypto space by eliminating the existing risks. With our AML and KYC screening, we aim to drive massive Web3 adoption.

Astra: KYC for Web3

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