Astra Monthly Review: September 2022!

Astra Protocol
2 min readOct 4, 2022


Key highlights and major accomplishments from September at Astra!

Concluding this successful quarter, Astra is all set to kickstart all Q4 endeavors, including some of the majorly anticipated announcements.

We will soon be unveiling those plans. Meanwhile, let’s rewind the remarkable accomplishments from September that notably contributed to our progress and community expansion on Twitter (158K+), and other socials.

Project Highlight

Video Series Ft. Astra CTO & CIO, Sakhib Waseem

Spreading a greater word for Astra in the industry, Sakhib shed light on various aspects and plans of the Astra Protocol this month. Here’s a list of all those videos in case you missed it:

That’s a wrap! But big news is to be announced soon in October.

So stay tuned for more updates.

About Astra

Astra Protocol is the next generation of compliance, a decentralised KYC Platform for Web3. Our application brings the financial regulatory standards for 155+ countries and over 300+ sanctions and watchlists to the crypto industry — without sacrificing anonymisation. Our Globally patented technology includes a new professional service layer called the Decentralised Legal Network (DLN), bringing major legal and audit companies on-chain. Our simple plug-in technology ensures crypto remains compliant with AML and KYC standards determined by society.

Astra’s mission is to provide a range of regulatory compliance tools for crypto applications, ensuring that financial compliance standards can be met across the Web3 industry.

Astra — KYC for Web3

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Astra Protocol

Astra’s mission is to provide a range of regulatory compliance tools for crypto applications and across the Web3 industry.