Astra Monthly Review — July 2022

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2 min readAug 8, 2022


Important highlights and achievements in Astra last month.

July 2022 was a progressive month for Astra as we could take the following steps for several project developments. The biggest highlight of our month was Sakhib’s discussion with the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, on how it became highly sought after for Web3 innovation along with Phil Hogan.

We have also expanded to form an even bigger community through our many AMA and events in collaboration with other projects and AMA channels.

Let’s quickly catch up on the highlights and happenings of July 2022:

Project Highlights:

  • Republic Crypto released a Project Overview of Astra Protocol covering the dynamics and developments of our platform.
  • Yahoo Finance featured Astra Protocol and its growing partnerships despite the compromising market conditions.
  • Telegram community crossed 150k members.

Contests and Campaigns:

  • We organized a giveaway in collaboration with Cube Network with a reward pool of $500 USDT.
  • Last month, we had two mega giveaways of $2000 and $2500 USDT. We started this month by announcing the winners and distributing their rewards.

Article Releases:


Astra Protocol was invited for 4 AMAs last month to discuss the several developments on Astra’s platform and how their compliance layer will contribute to DeFi’s adoption.

Here are the communities:

  • TBN Capital
  • Cryptohustle
  • Crypto Melon
  • Metablockchain

Here is an exciting video about Astra we released this month. You can take a look to understand our dynamics better.

That’s all for July. We hope you had a great and exciting month. Please stay tuned for more updates this month.

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