Astra Monthly Review — August 2022

Important highlights and achievements last month in Astra.

With the passing of August, we’re back to rewinding and reflecting on Astra protocol’s most significant accomplishments over the last month. It was another successful time for Astra as it expanded its community and explored new areas for innovation and business growth.

Astra Protocol extended its social media presence to Instagram and TikTok and has already reached over 1K followers on both these platforms. We also launched an Ambassador Program to grow and incentivize the community members. Let’s quickly catch up on all our important updates and highlights from last month.

Project Highlights:

- Launched an Ambassador Program for Astra Protocol. Applications are still open if anyone is interested in joining.

- Yahoo Finance featured Astra Protocol to convey its ecosystem growth amidst the challenging market conditions.

- Crypto News sat for an interview with Sakhib Waseem to discuss decentralized compliance

- Released an article describing the top business risks in the decentralized financial system that all DeFi users should be aware of.

- Kavita Gupta, founder of Delta Blockchain Fund and Astra backers, discusses decentralized regulation in Bloomberg’s Crypto Report

- AMA session on Telegram with the Global Crypto Paradise community.

Sakhib’s Video Series:

Astra released a series of videos featuring our Chief Innovation Officer & CTO, Sakhib Waseem, talking about Astra Protocol, its history, operations, and team, and the various factors contributing to its growth. He also covers how different countries respond or engage with crypto and how the regulatory landscape for the entire ecosystem has changed over the past months.

These videos are very insightful and in-depth; we shared them on our social media, especially TikTok and Instagram. Here are a few topics we covered this month:

That’s all for August. We hope you had a great and exciting month. Please stay tuned for more updates this month.

A Decentralized Compliance Layer for the Web3 Economy and Delivering the Compliant Blockchain for the future.

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Astra Protocol

Astra’s mission is to provide a range of regulatory compliance tools for crypto applications and across the Web3 industry.