Astra February 2023 Recap

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3 min readMar 4, 2023


Catch up on Astra’s incredible accomplishments from February!

February might have been short, but it was hugely productive. Several significant announcements brought us much attention from big names in the industry. Different features on our successes and interviews with Astra advisors kept us in the media spotlight. Here’s a quick recap of our accomplishments. Tune in!

Project Highlights:

  • In a significant development, Astra successfully onboarded Young Sohn, the Former SAMSUNG Corporate President & Chief Strategy Officer, as our new Strategic Advisor to strengthen our mission with his expertise in business & technology. This news was widely discussed in the industry, and renowned media portals Yahoo Finance and Blockworks provided extensive coverage. Read the full stories now!
  • As the regulation in Web3 debate garnered further attention from the US Congress, the stock exchange OG Nasdaq invited Astra Strategic Advisor & former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to its TradeTalks show. During the interview, Mick elaborated on how Astra’s compliance technology can help bolster the growth of the crypto space & digital assets. Watch the conversation now!
  • Mick was also interviewed by CoinDesk and Forbes to highlight the latest developments on regulation for crypto exchanges in the US. In another conversation, Mick talked about the US federal government’s take on regulating digital assets and potential changes the crypto space might see shortly. Read the stories now!
  • Astra’s technology team is continuously making strides in its product development. To keep the community well-informed, we continue to release Astra Development Updates. Read them now!
  • ‘What could 2023 hold for Web3 regulations?’ — a question the crypto community is pondering. Here’s a comprehensive article compiling positive changes Astra believes Web3 may go through this year — The Great Wave of Crypto Regulation. Read now!
  • As new community members join Astra daily, we released several videos to help them learn about our mission, our native token $ASTRA, the Astra solutions, and more. Watch the videos now!
  • Astra partner Ink Finance interviewed Sakhib Waseem, our CIO & CTO, to explain the importance of Astra’s compliance layer to bring regulation in Web3. Follow the link above to learn more.

And that’s not all! We have a lot more exciting announcements about to drop soon. Stay tuned!

About Astra

Astra Protocol is the next generation of compliance, a decentralized KYC Platform for Web3. Our application brings the financial regulatory standards for 155+ countries and over 300 sanctions and watchlists to the crypto industry without sacrificing anonymization. Our globally patented technology includes a new professional service layer called the Decentralized Legal Network (DLN), bringing major legal and audit companies on-chain. Our simple plug-in technology ensures crypto remains compliant with AML and KYC standards determined by society.

Astra’s mission is to provide various regulatory compliance tools for crypto applications, ensuring financial compliance standards can be met across the Web3 industry.

Astra — KYC for Web3

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